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Forbes Marshall
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Forbes Marshall

Area: 1500sq ft  
Location: Pune
Status: Completed

The interior and spatial planning of the R&D office of Forbes Marshall in Pune is a functional and aesthetically pleasing space that reflects the company’s rich heritage and innovative spirit. The cabins for department heads are designed to provide a private and professional space for these individuals to work and collaborate with their teams. They feature comfortable seating, ample storage solutions, and a functional layout that maximizes natural light and promotes productivity.


The workstations in the open office space are designed to be ergonomic and adaptable, allowing employees to work comfortably and efficiently.
The office of Mr. Naushad Forbes is designed to reflect his distinguished position within the company and to create a welcoming and professional atmosphere for clients and guests.


The entry corridor and wall are designed to be a standout feature of the office, greeting visitors and employees with a warm and engaging welcome with the use of smart technology which is a nod to the company’s commitment to innovation and sets the tone for the entire office. The entry wall showcases the journey of Forbes Marshall, with nostalgic knick-knacks like cameras and typewriters highlighting the company’s rich history.The interiors of the R&D office of Forbes Marshall in Pune are designed to promote collaboration, creativity, and efficiency while reflecting the company’s heritage and innovative spirit.