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Minoque Couture
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Minoque Couture

Minoque is a bespoke designer label catering to a unisexual clientele. The brand is the creative brainchild of Fashion Designer Minal Atravalkar. Her design aesthetics revolve around contemporary chic and indo-western outfits.

The core idea behind designing the Minoque logo concept was to express the meaning of the brand name and highlight one thematic connection. The letter ‘M’ is visualized as a fashion show ramp in perspective. The icon is meant to catapult all our clients to a veritable position on the fashion stage. It denotes meaningful status, both fashionably and symbolically. A gender-neutral and modern approach that can be amplified in many ways.

In designing the Minoque studio, the goal was to carry forward these values and aesthetics and establish a conceptually homogeneous brand identity and space experience. The core idea behind the design was to establish a direct thematic connection with the brand identity. Elements used in the space are derived from the logo elements and complement the theme in varied ways. The space showcases a dynamic set of brand visuals that register the brand Minoque as unique, lavish, sophisticated, trustworthy, minimal, and modern.

The studio is housed in a vintage building with stone walls and wooden windows. The design strategy was to merge this old-world charm with contemporary elements to create a seamless fusion of tastes. The space planning follows a dreamy design studio vibe that takes you from the outdoor space to the consultation room with display and into a chic trial room. The working areas are put together in a tightly planned layout with folding furniture units for efficient space management.

Plush furniture with sleek brass detailing complements the metal display frames and pendant lights. A curved glass passageway leads to the curtained trial room. Door handles and gates bear the shape of the logo icon. The studio is dressed in soothing pastel shades of aqua mist with green and gold as accent colors.