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It’s been 9 years since we started our entrepreneurial journey. Like any creative business, it’s been a rollercoaster ride and the path towards growth can be defined as anything but linear. Looking back, we see so many things that we could have done differently and so many things that serendipitously worked in our favour. There are no clear dos and dont’s that bring success but there are a few basics that we have learned along the way which no on tells you when you start out to shape a creative business.

If we dig through the years of learning, experience, and results; one thing that stands out as the winning streak is perseverance but perseverance alone cannot pull the wagon. It has to be coupled with instinct and definite actionable goals that are unique to your business alone. So how do you find and understand these unique aspects that drive your business?

Here are three ways to help you arrive at a core understanding of how to run your creative business.

  1. You have to approach creative passion and business acumen differently

As a creative person, one is instinctively driven by passion and that becomes the source of inspiration and fire to drive things ahead. But passion alone has fault lines that can crack under pressure. Passion can run amock, passion is frivolous, passion is unchartered. Passion flows through emotional outlets and can often be lacking in intensity and logical reasoning. That’s where business acumen factors in. It forms a safety net and builds a structure for your business. There has be different ways to channelize passion and back it up with business acumen.

  1. Only you can feel the pulse of your business and make it thrive

A creative business must be allowed to live its own unique story. This means that no management course, or self-help book, no certification course or business podcast can truly, specifically pinpoint what is right or wrong for your creative business. Only you can feel the pulse of your business and diagnose its problems or ignite its potential. It is important therefore to look at your business closely and chose original solutions that come from your own individual experience.

  1. You have to build a team that understands your creative vision

A creative business has the founder at its helm but is also run by the team. The team is your ally in communicating and living the creative vision that you have. It is very important that you build a team that understands your vision and works towards fulfilling it. Otherwise there will be a constant disconnect between what your business stands for and how it is perceived by those who are responsible for its day to day workings. So, share those values, shape that vision and build that team that understands why you do what you do!

If you own creative business and are looking to manage your brand in a way that aligns with your creative vision, we can design the entire process for you.

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