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As a branding and advertising studio, we have worked with over 250 brands across 20 industry verticals. Brand building is a highly crucial and extensive process of shaping, showcasing, and selling your brand to the right target audience. For a new brand, this begins with finding the right brand name to designing the right logo for it to building brand assets. When viewed collectively, brand building can seem like a mammoth activity for a new company to undertake. What we do is simplify the process for you by breaking it into significant stages and implementing each branding exercise in a phased manner. The entire process follows a linear growth starting from Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Brand Style Guide, Print Collaterals, Digital Collaterals, Space Branding.

Brand Strategy

Strategy is what lays the foundation grid for your brand. When we have a new brand to work with, we sit and fill out a questionnaire with the client first. This questionnaire answers and analyses the different aspects of the brand and points out crucial insights that we require to navigate the branding process. Then we arrive at an emotional connection that the brand can have with its target audience. Based on the strategic framework of the brand, we begin the design process.

Visual Identity

Once we have understood the soul of the brand, it is time to give shape to its personality. The first stage of work involves presentation of five conceptual designs for the logo. This process takes about a week. Each conceptual design highlights a unique aspect of the brand and creates a visual representation of it. Once a conceptual design is finalised, we begin working on the final design. The final logo and wordmark are created within a span of the next two weeks.

Brand Style Guide

Once the logo has been finalised, we create a brand style guide which defines how the logo will be used, what type of fonts, colours, elements and images are compatible with the logo and what should be avoided. The brand style guide acts as a manual for all visual designers, photographers, and others working on the brand. It holds the visual essence of the brand together.

Print Collaterals

Based on the brand style guide, we design different print collaterals like business cards, stationery, brochures, catalogues, and ads. The print collaterals create a tangible representation of the brand visuals and communicates the purpose of the brand.

Digital Collaterals

Online presence and brand image are of utmost importance in today’s time and age. No branding activity is complete without first designing how the brand is showcased to its online users. Digital Collaterals include web design, social media design, e-brochures, product catalogues, motion graphics and brand videos.

Space Branding

If your brand functions out of a physical space, then your space must reflect a unified and impactful visual language and design. Space branding includes wall graphics, signages, posters, interior and exterior design, visual merchandising, and more. We design different spaces for brands such a cafes, restaurants, offices, stores, boutiques, gyms, and more.

If you are starting out on the journey of shaping your brand and don’t know how to go about it, get in touch with us for a brand building consultation.

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