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Athalye Residence
  -    -  Athalye Residence

Athalye Residence

Area :1800sq ft
Location : Pune
Status : WIP
The Athlaye residence is a mixture of modern and ethnic sensibilities. The material palette is dominated by warm browns of teak wood to grey hues from the flooring, along with some lively rattan. Splashes of color find their way into this space with patterned cement tiles in the dining area.
With Mrs. Athalye being an artist, spaces that spark ideas and facilitate creative output were a priority.


The living space, balcony, and multipurpose room act as a single unit with overlapping functions giving the user an illusion of one large space. In the case of larger congregations, the available space for movement in the multipurpose room is expanded with the use of space-saving furniture like the murphy bed which folds up to act as a study table.


Cozy corners where one can sit back and unwind can be identified all around the house. Bright colours of the cushions stand out against the subtle tones of wood and balance its natural texture, completing the visual narrative of the space.