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Ghodke Residence
  -    -  Ghodke Residence

Ghodke Residence

Area : 7500sq ft

Location : Pune

Status : Completed

The client envisioned a beautiful bungalow with spacious living spaces. The site was 16,000sq.ft.on the edge of a hill. It presented beautiful scenery which was key to the design ideology. The brief included a stilt-level structure complaint with Vastu and a separate unit for the client’s daughter. Our team extended the brief to added amounts of light and ventilation. We introduced an inland courtyard in the structure and treated it as the primary concept.


A creative approach was implemented to fulfill individual requirements. In the forms of varying levels, the Bungalow incorporates three zones with privacy yet connected with thoughtful internal circulation for connectivity. To top it off, recreational spaces are kept private yet interactive to justify the family’s social quotient.


The Bungalow incorporates three primary zones for the three generations of the kin yet enables enough internal connectivity to live like a family.