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601- Kothrud
  -    -  601- Kothrud

601- Kothrud

Area :1300sq ft
Location : Pune
Status : Completed
This sprawling 2BHK is located in the peaceful locality of Ideal Colony, Pune. The design for this apartment draws inspiration from the green surroundings and the chirping birds. A cheery parrot green is the accent colour for the children’s bedroom cabinets and bathroom tiles. The master bedroom has a robin blue cabinets and a matching blue bathroom. The accent colours are complemented by batten closets and doors and furniture in warm teak wood.

As you enter the home, the living, kitchen and dining areas come together in perfect symphony. The balcony offers a great view of the setting sun and welcomes ample light into the living space. French windows open out onto the balcony from the kitchen as well as living room space. The apartment is flooded with natural light coming in from all sides.

Large grey tiles give a seamless flow to the flooring and makes the space more cozy. A folding dining table props up against the wall to make more floor space in the living room. The home has a distinctly contemporary aura about it